About Me

I love all things floral. Actual flowers (especially those just waiting patiently in their sleeves for me to scoop them up!), flowers represented in art (from Botticelli to Warhol), flowers and plants that come together to create gorgeous gardens and flowers as inspiration for everything else in life, from decorating to cooking to traveling to shopping! Along with my passion for flowers comes a love for historic houses and estates, antiques (usually English), silver, china, colorful fabric, wallcoverings, trim and accessories.  But I don’t stop there. My flower love will always lead me to two places: Creed, the masters of fragrance since 1760, with so many enchanting scents that you will rue the day you ever read this, should you happen to stop at one of their boutiques; and Jo Malone, an obviously much newer company that also produces some heavenly scents with amazing botanical notes that I also consider to be part of my “go-to” group of scents.

These days, as an empty nester who flatly refuses to go back to practicing structured finance law (do you blame me??), I seek out new destinations, new books, new ideas and new products that, in one way or another, involve floral elements (even in the tiniest way!).  And if I’m not exploring the world around me for new things, I’m creating arrangements or thinking about what I might do next. I’m always on the lookout for the unexpected–elements that I can incorporate into my designs to enhance their beauty and create interest.

Having studied with the amazing Paula Pryke in London, I tend to create designs that speak to the British tradition, but I never forsake my first and favorite floral influences–my mother and my grandmother and our beloved Williamsburg and Charlottesville, Virginia–with a little bit of NYC thrown in for good measure. I’ve also trained as a professional florist in Boston. So I’ve made the rounds and have many and varied influences.  All wonderful and all important.

I have created floral designs and decorations for: House tours of pre-Civil War era homes (Boston area); Weddings (Newport, RI); Luncheons and dinner parties (Boston, New York, San Francisco); Collegiate alumni events (Boston area); Art In Bloom at the Muscarelle Museum of Art (Williamsburg, VA–Guest Arranger); and for local Boston area nonprofits.

I’m available by appointment for consulting, designing and arranging, workshops and, finally, for the holiday planning and execution of your floral and greenery dreams, both inside and outside the home. I am a current member of the Weston Garden Club; a Committee Member for the Massachusetts Horticultural Society’s Garden Party (coming up in June 2017–mark your calendars!); and a former member of the Nantucket Garden Club, where I served as a judge for the Nantucket Flower Show in 2014.

And that is *plenty* about me!! I hope that you will enjoy the site and visit often. OH~~~And please follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, FB and anywhere else I may happen to end up!