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Betsy Gibson


I am a flower obsessed empty nester who loves to seek out interesting floral elements in our world, from actual flowers themselves to flowers as they are represented in art, fashion and decor. In addition to my fresh floral designs, I also design accessories and home decor items based on my favorite gardens and flowers.


I am available for consulting, as well as for designing and creating beautiful bespoke arrangements for your special events. In addition, I offer workshops for adults and children, and I am always happy to do seasonal demonstrations for parties or groups.

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my latest products…

I’m thrilled to announce that I will now be offering pretty floral delights that promise to get you through every season with blooms on the brain!

In addition to my own designs, I will be offering a small curated collection of items that I love and own myself (or want to own!!)—things that inspire me and make me happy in the same way that flowers do. Stay tuned for the collection.

(Hint: Expect gorgeous cachepots, exquisite home decor pieces from one of my favorite designers, fun summer tops, pareos, accessories and maybe even a chic piece of travel jewelry here and there….)

In the meantime…

Floral Scarves

I’m so excited to introduce my first scarf collection!

The “Little Mountain” collection was inspired by my lifelong love of the beautiful grounds and gardens of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s longtime home in Charlottesville, Virginia. Each hand painted flower, branch, leaf and fruit on the scarf was introduced by Jefferson himself or added to the gardens at some point during his lifetime. The surrounding Chippendale rails reflect the terrace railings that helped define Monticello in my mind and nourish my love for Chinese inspired furniture and decoration.

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