Historic Garden Week in Virginia: The Eastern Shore


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This will likely be the shortest post I have ever written—or will ever write. And it upsets me greatly, because I was really looking forward to this one! However, I can’t compete with perfection. Take a look…

If this notice regarding Day of Tour Tickets is any indication, tomorrow is going to be BEYOND spectacular!! ©esgardentours.com

If this notice regarding Day of Tour Tickets is any indication, tomorrow is going to be BEYOND spectacular!! ©esgardentours.com

The Eastern Shore

Whenever I think of the Eastern Shore, I think of water and of perfect soil conditions for growing anything you’d ever want to grow. I also think of a handful of historic homes with some of the most magnificent gardens imaginable. And based on the photographs within the Eastern Shore of Virginia’s House and Garden Tour website, I am not incorrect.

Orangery and white Peonies at Eyre Hall. © esgardentours.com

Orangery and white Peonies at Eyre Hall. ©esgardentours.com

In working out the schedule for my Garden Week posts, I decided that for the Eastern Shore tour, I’d research and write about Eyre Hall. Eyre Hall is a National Historic Landmark and one of only a handful of Virginia’s beautifully preserved and maintained colonial plantation houses that has passed directly through generation after generation of the same family. As you know, I tend to love writing about the most historic of sites! However, my plans changed the other day as soon as I saw the Eastern Shore of Virginia’s website, created specifically for Historic Garden Week. It is the most beautiful website—the colors and layout are perfect for highlighting the houses and gardens contained within it— and the photographs are coffee table book material. I have never seen—for any garden tour, anywhere—a resource like this one. In addition to its gorgeous images and easy user interface, the site also features the most well written, comprehensive house and garden histories any tour goer could ever desire. So…please go check out the website, which is highlighted above in my trademark hot pink text, and hit the road early so that you can see all the beauty that awaits you on the Eastern Shore. As for me, I’ve planned my trip, and I’m looking so very much forward to it!

Have a wonderful day on the Eastern Shore! And please let me know if you capture any photographs you’d like for me to share on the blog. I’d be happy to highlight them!!

xo, betsy