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Historic Garden Week in Virginia: Williamsburg

There are few places to tour in the United States with historic houses and gardens as beautiful as those that are maintained with such attention to detail as there are in Williamsburg. Join me as I take you through the Williamsburg Tour Day of the GCV’s Historic Garden Week in Virginia.

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Historic Garden Week in Virginia: The University of Virginia Pavilions and Gardens

The University of Virginia’s Pavilions and Pavilion Gardens are open today from 10-5 for Historic Garden Week in Virginia. Don’t miss this bonus property!!! It’s the most beautiful place on earth…

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Historic Garden Week in Virginia: Must See Bonus Properties in Albemarle-Charlottesville

Monticello. Need I say more? (Well, I will…Pavilions and Pavilion Gardens at UVA are open on Monday, April 29th!)

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Let the Garden Gazing Begin!! It's Historic Garden Week in Virginia

It’s Historic Garden Week in Virginia! Are you ready? I am…it’s pouring down rain here in Boston, and I cannot wait to escape to Virginia to see all of the magnificent houses and gardens that are on tour this year!!

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"Rooms in Bloom" at the Hill-Stead Museum

I was honored to have been selected as one of 13 floral designers to showcase my designs at the Hill-Stead Museum’s “Rooms in Bloom” event last weekend in what was my largest installation to date. After all, I don’t do weddings, and I don’t do funerals!

I created six designs for the house—three for the first floor’s front entry hall and three for the same hall space upstairs. I based my designs on the original gardens of the Hill-Stead, as planned by Beatrix Farrand. I used, in the end, 14 flowers original to the property and was thrilled to find historically accurate colors, as well. I’ll post photos of several of my designs below and explain my thinking behind each piece. But first, a bit of history on the Hill-Stead and the treasures it holds.

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