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The Boston Flower and Garden Show 2019--Success!

The 2019 Boston Flower and Garden Show was nothing short of fabulous! With floral competitions, complete gardens, every plant and flower that you could possibly imagine—plus tons of educational opportunities—spring was definitely in the air!

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Elegant Florals Lead the Way into 2019

Elegant floral ideas for Christmas and the Holiday season….from “traditional” (but never “boring”!) designs in red, white, green and gray to pink and purple creations with purple cabbage and cymbidium orchids taking center stage. Oh, and let’s not forget the Lemon Cypress…

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Historic Garden Week in Virginia....It Can't Come Soon Enough!!!

Gloucester VA and Daffodils go together! A little bit of history on the Historic Garden Week homes and gardens on the 2018 Tour.

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Special Edition!! My Mea Culpa to the Mums Can Wait...This Post is All about Merritt...

My mea culpa to the mums can wait. I’ve got more important things to write about today! I’m so proud of my daughter on the release of her debut album. She’s a singer songwriter, and her first album, recorded in Nashville when she was 18, contains songs written between the ages of 14 and 17. Of course I’m biased, but I think she’s fabulous! Have a listen…Merritt Gibson “Eyes on Us”

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Nantucket Garden Club's Community Green Thumb Flower Show 2017

Bartlett’s Farm is a great place to start your “Green Thumb Training” if you’ve never tried to grow anything yourself. They have gorgeous topiaries, but they also have a fantastic selection of Proven Winners in stock, and I make my pilgrimage there every summer for my window box needs. Love their garden center!

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Flowers Bring Historic Preservation to Life: Betsy Gibson Design for Carrère and Hastings and the Olmsted Brothers Firm