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Beyond Mums...Time to Update Your Outdoor Spaces!

It is October 15. A little late for my fall window boxes and urns, but that's ok. If there are still apples on the trees (which I discovered to be the case yesterday when I went apple picking with some of my favorite people!), then the time is still right to install some fall plantings and floral displays. And my window boxes certainly deserve to have some life injected into them after my summer of horrible neglect. (Actually, I was performing an experiment with them...I called it "Weeds or Winners? Established Plantings and Benign Neglect." Let's just say that Proven Winners are Proven Winners for a reason!! And Sweet Potato Vine is a Betsy Winner for the 7th year in a goes straight from summer right into fall. Love it! Oh, and I've found one really great looking weed, too. I just can't figure out what it is...a project for another day.) 

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Nantucket Garden Club's Community Green Thumb Flower Show 2017

Bartlett’s Farm is a great place to start your “Green Thumb Training” if you’ve never tried to grow anything yourself. They have gorgeous topiaries, but they also have a fantastic selection of Proven Winners in stock, and I make my pilgrimage there every summer for my window box needs. Love their garden center!

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